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Premier Specialty  Clinic  Limited is  a modern state of the art health care facility, centrally located in Trinidad & Tobago. Our team comprises  a plethora of highly skilled professionals  with many  years  of experience in the medical field where our primary focus is patient care. From a personalised consultation to a rapid diagnosis  followed by  our exceptional medical treat­ ment, Premier Specialty  Clinic  Limited provides  the perfect combination of the latest medical technology,   comfortable   facilities   and   knowledgeable and experienced staff.


To make Premier Specialty Clinic, the Healthcare Facility of choice for patients in Trinidad and Tobago by providing the highest standard of ethical care.


To be unmatched in offering high quality healthcare services, provided by leading expert clinicians in many specialities using our state of the art facility. Our aim is to make the patient experience as comfortable and affordable as possible.


Patients will receive the highest standard of personalised care from empathetic professional staff through rapid clinical assessment with the help of diagnostic services, followed by intervention for numerous ailments.

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